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  • MikeyB From the 613
    MikeyB From the 613

    What in the actual F$&$ 🤣 how is this going to work the characters don't even speak 🤜😑🤛 why not just use the original Voice actor for mario?? I've got my 🤞🤞

  • The Divine Cock
    The Divine Cock

    NGL I'm high af right now and a Licorice Pizza sound like an amazing idea right now.

  • 羽川翼

    "We also gave him a hat" What is this, TF2?


    In a decade? You didn't play Mario kart. Smh poor creatures

  • Paul Incháustegui
    Paul Incháustegui

    I'm impressed IGN, this was a very well put together review. Kudos!

  • Memer 9000
    Memer 9000



    What happened to the remake?

  • Nyphilim

    Why.... why VR

  • SaMuRaii Gaming
    SaMuRaii Gaming

    Why would they develop another 720p screen, is Nintendo really obsessed with that resolution!

  • pinoi78

    Already have the special edition (and a standard one) preordered. What score y’all think IGN give it?

  • Ivan aycock
    Ivan aycock

    Venom 2 exclusive clip carnage

  • oldman RETRO
    oldman RETRO

    Licorice pizza is a reference to an audio record

  • Comment Post
    Comment Post

    Mario loves money

  • The Castiel
    The Castiel

    I've played the bootlag nes port of snes aladdin on a famiclone, buggy but one of the best game of my childhood

  • Clemente Fu
    Clemente Fu

    Is Coco a "skin" for Crash?

  • WhopyStompy

    Not available on Xbox series consoles?

  • LockItUp INC.
    LockItUp INC.

    No reason why OW2 should even be made all changes could have been done in patches or seasons so dumb

  • Comment Post
    Comment Post


  • Badass

    This is going to be terrible

  • Black Robin
    Black Robin

    Well there's gonna be carnage

  • sonfan

    This fulls me with happy!!.

  • Adam Tufenkjian
    Adam Tufenkjian

    Frequent dock updates

  • urek mazino
    urek mazino

    50€ BTW

  • Krzysztof

    Would have loved to see 4 player local multi-player.

    • ahmad rafi
      ahmad rafi

      Only 2 player sadly

  • LockItUp INC.
    LockItUp INC.

    Wow a hat....

  • Sebachox x
    Sebachox x

    Rework blizzard....

  • MrPokeplayer

    hands on preview. but just shows the trailer in slow motion…

  • Behindthen0thing

    How did Jason go from a white guy to a Mexican guy

  • BasketballMixEdits

    psp hot wheels game still gave me nostalgia & now this.. wow

  • tigergreene

    In their defense, we forgot Green Lantern, too.

  • Karta

    that t shirt 😍 i want that!!!!

  • NewAgeHero

    If only it went to 108060fps 🤦🏾 Nintendo always being cheap and she said it in the best way it’s a luxury item

  • The Book of ASLOe
    The Book of ASLOe

    Her voice definitely fits the new switch. Boring

  • Leandtjen LNDTJN
    Leandtjen LNDTJN

    Zach got more voicelines in this trailer than the entirety of genshin impact lol

  • Enhance Experience
    Enhance Experience

    We had so much fun doing this! Thanks IGN team! ♥

  • Рашид Абдулаев
    Рашид Абдулаев

    Zohan sister )

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M

    Im so glad games like these are doing great. It's like a big throwback to the PS2 and original Xbox eras.

  • DarkEchoes

    "Pedal to the Mattel" "Toy Meets World" Whoever writes this stuff is my hero.

  • William WIllson
    William WIllson

    The audio is very epic!

  • DeeManSony

    The cat has a drone

  • MWH

    That was bad.

  • Disposable Email
    Disposable Email

    In case you're wondering: Yes, RE4 always looked this bad. You're just noticing it now because it isn't 2005 anymore.

  • LAlcachofaZomber

    This doesn't feel like a conventional, breathtaking, intelectual, original project from P.T.A. as his previous movies but i'm definetly watching it.

    • Ju Bean
      Ju Bean

      Feels like a PT movie to me 🤷‍♂️ more in the vain of something like boogie nights or Punch Drunk love

  • AniQ AHMAD
    AniQ AHMAD

    Capcom's reason of success

  • FrankValchiria

    can't stand that magician and his sister. goddamn

  • eSKAone

    2:39 💟

  • Meeklmore

    The reworks look nice, didn’t even have to harass her at all either

  • speemus

    could this be what the nvidia leak was refering too? "resident evil 4 remake"