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  • Michael Richard
    Michael Richard

    Bring back akeem no disrespect

  • Bran Don
    Bran Don

    Tool Assisted?

  • Ian Worthington
    Ian Worthington

    Who's gonna tell Square.. this is what we meant by "Remake" lol

  • Arash Sadeghi
    Arash Sadeghi

    Jesus! U even made unboxing boring!

  • 鯖味噌JAPAN


  • I Like to eat the food after i drink the water
    I Like to eat the food after i drink the water

    Just wait until John Wick hears about this

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future

    She is gonna be part of the NEW AVENGERS team who else is excited

  • TheNoobKing 144
    TheNoobKing 144

    Keep in mind, the player is on the worldwide server. Imagine the feeling when instead the server is on southeast Asia

  • Gabriel Rocha Cardoso
    Gabriel Rocha Cardoso

    Wait a Second. The Orange bouncer that appears at 5:39 sounds a lot with Claptrap.

  • Snoozy Akuji
    Snoozy Akuji

    Looks like one of those shitty mobile game ads.

  • Monster Bait
    Monster Bait

    8 year olds Dude

  • Sir Kalifatullah Ermaya
    Sir Kalifatullah Ermaya

    Combat Fight: 10/10 Graphic: 10/10 Storyline: 5/10 Plot: 5/10

  • Michael Østergaard
    Michael Østergaard

    Invasion Of The Raptors

  • bronx819 KFP thigh specialist
    bronx819 KFP thigh specialist

    *Cries in PC*

  • Xiao -
    Xiao -

    Make the Yagami series It would be cool if their was a judgement series lol Kinda like the kiryu saga I’m so happy this game got a sequel

  • Ghoul

    Pragmata -By Hideo Kojima

  • H S
    H S

    Chris rock is not suited for this role.

  • Derek Special
    Derek Special

    Everyone is a fan of tommy but Jason is a legend. Both Jason and tommy are jems of zordan era. If Jason is captain America leader of rangers tommy is iron man the warrior. Please get back a reunion episode featuring tommy and Jason together 😭🙏🙏🤩

  • Zero ExE
    Zero ExE

    For honor got remade lol

  • I Like to eat the food after i drink the water
    I Like to eat the food after i drink the water

    First Maleficent now Cruella, they’re really making a lot of villain solo movies and I’m all for it

  • matt jude peralta
    matt jude peralta

    Aladdin: Do you trust me? Jasmine: With every cell of my body

  • war

    holy this is bad

  • dead citizen 22
    dead citizen 22

    If this superman reboot really happens then this movie gonna flop worse than birds of pray did 💀☠

  • CopiousTime

    That’s really inconvenient for me now, can you go back to Friday?

  • Dev Yadav
    Dev Yadav

    Sees Chris Pratt: okeyy Sees JK Simon's: letss goo!!

  • Marsh Marlou
    Marsh Marlou

    I'm fine with that to be honest

  • Chillout nate
    Chillout nate

    Jesus Christ

  • Mike Vigil
    Mike Vigil

    New Superman movie goes right to Netflix 2 week run loses MILLIONS.....

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    3:28 aight guys I'm bailing out.

  • Corey S. Vaughn
    Corey S. Vaughn

    Not a zombie in sight: 8/10

  • coldchillun27

    Console? Pls! 😫👏🏼

  • Rick_dias

    Fort Condor mini game is nice!!! Can't wait for the Gold Saucer mini games too!!!

  • Joel Ortez
    Joel Ortez

    Let us get that emerald remastered tho

  • Your fada
    Your fada

    Hope this comes to game pass


    For anyone wondering it is about 800 mill to 1 billion u get now because of updates or somthin but its plenty to have and you can buy everything

  • pete M3rlin
    pete M3rlin

    Its impossible. Its a story telling.

  • Krystle Lim
    Krystle Lim

    Wahoo! Loved like a dragon and it got me into yakuza due to its turn based system

  • Philip Ho
    Philip Ho

    No Dimitrescu statue, how is this a collector's ed???

  • Montesquieu

    Season of epilepsy

  • Cow-Man Adventures
    Cow-Man Adventures

    That suit and Wakanda look great! Shame it’s gonna be a buggy mess and released in early 2022.

  • Dave L
    Dave L

    Still not available on the Xbox store.

  • Thomas The Red Blue And Green Yin-Yang
    Thomas The Red Blue And Green Yin-Yang

    Yeah This Definitely Isn't One Of IGN's Best Reviews

  • Vᴇʀᴛɪɢᴏ


  • Sola Rezzz
    Sola Rezzz

    This looks kinda wack

  • Alex Grin
    Alex Grin

    It looks boring 👄

  • daddy fatsacks79
    daddy fatsacks79

    Well thats a turn off got every single yakuza game even judgement except this one

  • AshKirby

    Wow, this sequel to the game has a nice artstyle!😄🤩😎👌

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Makes sense as there is a "passing of the torch" moment in the game.

  • Brian B
    Brian B

    Pizza time

  • Drefner 23
    Drefner 23

    Puhleeeeeease do Champions of Norath toooo!!!! 😬🥲

  • Tactical Phantom
    Tactical Phantom

    So they turned Resident Evil from a horror franchise into Call of Duty: Village?

  • Proctor: The Krow
    Proctor: The Krow

    Welp, looks like I'm done with the series. Ended at 6 as far as I'm concerned.

  • Ugly Bastard
    Ugly Bastard

    In another universe, Silent Hills got released and it was one of the best horror games ever made

  • Andrew K.
    Andrew K.

    How do you guys get so hyped for a video game lol

  • AdityaTemp 2
    AdityaTemp 2

    Rainn Wilson will probably turn out to be the villian

  • YTJonny Vallad
    YTJonny Vallad

    My facade is 2.4 dollars :0

  • Rebel X
    Rebel X

    This the fruitiest thing I've ever seen. Nice

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