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  • Awsome Guy
    Awsome Guy

    This is cool and all but if its not titan fall 3, i dont want it. They always say "More for titanfall fans" Unless its titanfall 3 with the same team as titanfall 2, its pointless.

  • Gaming Hub UK
    Gaming Hub UK

    Wow just wow

  • DJGamingSmash

    The feels, the nostalgia, are you ready to *go* again?

  • Seth Strickland
    Seth Strickland

    The Kung Lao kill was the highlight of the movie

  • Ray Williams
    Ray Williams

    Still trying to figure out how astronauts eating their dead colleagues has anything to do with video games.

  • Joshua Meyer
    Joshua Meyer

    How does the dude have no blood on him??


    *This was the most unexpected collab of this year, nobody asked for this, but nobody is complaining anyway we take it.*

  • Kombat1271

    You did not just dis Bo Rai CHo

  • Sam Jenkins
    Sam Jenkins

    the protagonist's haircut is the " I'd like to speak to your manager" Karen haircut....whyyyyyy 😬😬😬

  • hebs

    Resident Evil fye

  • Ome Liak
    Ome Liak

    Looking forward to a Marvel mega-villain from Japan, the country that give us the attack to Hawaii and world war 2.

  • Botfly Joe
    Botfly Joe

    Amazing. Absolutely phenomenal.

  • Vthe Man
    Vthe Man

    How'd we get from like... Starry eyed new technologies, promises that fall flat because developers are ambitious etc to... Diablo with cloth physics... srsly it's 2021... games have no excuse for looking like this in 2021

  • Michael Wilkoski
    Michael Wilkoski

    L is real !

  • Heinzy Ketchupy
    Heinzy Ketchupy

    The fact that he went Mcguiver with the rope and gardening tool is just so damn epic

  • alex:r.c

    why tf is this on ign?

  • StheKirb

    Ok, who turned RTX on?

  • Zachary Foley
    Zachary Foley

    Loving the call back !

  • hAk

    Sub Zero and Scorpion make up this movie. They are as influential as Ryu and Ken. To explain Bi Han's origins further, he is a native of Edenia, a race called Cryomancers that can manipulate ice, so yes he is not from Earth.

  • Nipple Viking
    Nipple Viking

    This is going to slap so hard

  • Carlos Canales
    Carlos Canales

    Can’t wait.....

  • Final Preview In
    Final Preview In

    Guess japanese version is back but it's anime

  • Razeik 5.0
    Razeik 5.0

    so confirmed titanfall universe `?

  • Michael張富凱

    those arrows flying like a Javelin ATGM

  • Winston Val
    Winston Val

    5:23 desperation and anger.

  • katie

    who is the character on the very right at 0:22 ??

  • Сергей Соболевский
    Сергей Соболевский

    Великолепный трейлер! Режиссеру браво! Кто-нибудь знает кто это снял?

  • Ylt Sen
    Ylt Sen

    Scorpion's story alone is worth creating a new sub MK movie sub series

  • Dalton McCabe
    Dalton McCabe

    1.2k hours in, 4 different profile my favorite equip always been hell fire

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed

    like roz

  • IKilledKenny Ubastard
    IKilledKenny Ubastard

    That music was awesome. The mortal kombat theme at the very end was a chefs kiss lol this movie is going to be dope

  • Isabel Romero
    Isabel Romero

    U r literally so helpful

  • Thomas Aquinas Wibowo • 420 years ago
    Thomas Aquinas Wibowo • 420 years ago

    Game trailer: Forza Horizon 4 Full game release: Car Parking 3D Simulator Real

  • shshankk

    And this week, you'll leave IGN...

  • Seaweed Chills
    Seaweed Chills

    just looking back to old lost memories.

  • kirt schaefer
    kirt schaefer

    sepia colors and dungeons for you! anime anyone? anymore hallways to explore?

  • Superior Gaming
    Superior Gaming

    Vengeance rarely deliver the catharsis you hope for but seeing your loves one being brutally murdured like that vengeance is worth it

  • Stephen Hawk
    Stephen Hawk

    Forget Mortal combat, Just give me a Scorpion Themed movie!

  • Nitin

    They show kunai as farming tools, great must watch.

  • PandaMalozo

    beat that remastered.

  • Amir wilson Is to lit
    Amir wilson Is to lit

    0:52 Victor Drago son is in this 😱😱😂😂

  • Gilbert Mendez
    Gilbert Mendez


  • Kryptonite

    she's great. love her energy lol


    😠GET OVER HERE----------------------------------------------------->😪


    😠GET OVER HERE----------------------------------------------------->😪

  • Skateboard Rhino
    Skateboard Rhino

    one of the best games i've played

  • Anthony A
    Anthony A

    This game is pretty dope on ps5.

  • More Subbickbe Stuff
    More Subbickbe Stuff

    Sounds like something plainrock124 would smash

  • Snehil Kankran
    Snehil Kankran

    Watch the video from 360p to 1080p , their is no change except frame rate

  • Ngoc Phan
    Ngoc Phan

    Who r u? Im the Tram inspector & the guy had no ticket.

  • Corn O' Cob
    Corn O' Cob

    Wasn’t it quan chi who killed Scorpion’s family?

  • Luis Enrique Loo Bejarano
    Luis Enrique Loo Bejarano

    Hey im going to make Marvel movie about a chinesse character. Are u going to base on the comic. Yes but let me put some Jackie Chan extravaganza, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and a funny supporting character.

  • Lad Boii
    Lad Boii

    Skyrim and fallout: Finally, a worthy opponent 3:D

  • MyLexusISF

    The Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors collab come to theatre

  • Kyle BG
    Kyle BG


  • Arslan Malik
    Arslan Malik

    Pokemon toothpaste

  • ojie72

    The different between this and original is original : feels like cute voice dub anime girl trying her best to be angry. but still cute remake : im sorry, ma'am. Please dont kill me


    This aged yell

  • Sol

    bye bye papa jeff

  • Saad Nabil
    Saad Nabil

    He looks like the 2021 Shang Tsung! No bots allowed!

  • ManaQues t
    ManaQues t

    the figure looks really bad to me :/

  • Reese Jordan
    Reese Jordan

    Scorpion is awesome

  • Keven Nava
    Keven Nava

    Big transition fail for Leon's voice. Come on Nick at least try to sound deeper. Also Alyson Court isn't Voicing Claire Redfield. Not only that, Claire's face is inconsistent again. How can they get Leon's face right but not Claire?! This in the third freaking time. Capcom likes insulting Claire Redfield fans.

  • Warren G
    Warren G

    Very well done, but one thing you failed to mention: Kenneth Johnson said in an interview that, if CBS hadn't cancelled TIH series, they had planned on doing an episode where David had to give his sister (Diana Muldaur) a transfusion to save her life, thus introducing 'She-Hulk' to the show.

  • Punjabiitotay90

    So everyone is just gonna pretend they didn't get super hooked the moment they heard the legend Kenny Rogers?

  • BarteX BarteX
    BarteX BarteX

    I'm sad

  • Hufffing Glue
    Hufffing Glue

    Daily fix is only watchable with Queen Sydnee

  • Diesal one
    Diesal one

    this just looks like zombies but with Alien skins..

  • Miles L.
    Miles L.

    0:20 you can NOT tell me that his voice doesn't sound exactly like Andre Garfield with an American accent.