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E3 is coming back this year in an all-digital form, after sitting out last year due to the pandemic. There are quite a few big-name players attached to participate, including Nintendo with their Switch, Microsoft's Xbox, Capcom, and Ubisoft, but (maybe unsurprisingly) Sony is not among them. Since 2019, Sony has done their own thing during E3, and it looks like this year will be no different. But does a lack of PlayStation and an all-digital format spell the end of in-person E3 as we know it? And do gamers really care if it's a digital E3 2021? What do you think? Sound off in the comments!
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  • GameFelt

    sony ta falindo, queriam oq?

  • A.I. Privilege
    A.I. Privilege

    Take a drink every time they remind you about the coof or lockdown.

  • Ronald Charan
    Ronald Charan

    Sony will just give another disappointing 15 minute state of play as a response and say it's enough.

  • Bangcat

    Reminder that SONY is shutting down communities and PS3,PSP, and VITA store fronts. Another concern has come up however. PS3 & PS4 will lose the ability to play games after the CMOS battery dies. With no servers to connect too this can't be corrected. This currently means the above SONY systems have a death clock for your digital games and PS4 currently won't even play your discs it seems. Spread the word and even voice your rage at SONY. If you never take action and do your part in showing companies what won't be tolerated, your choose to give them your consent. Sony has taken steps to undo your library in the near future. Be on the early frontline to do something about it. @everyone

  • Juan hernandez
    Juan hernandez

    Well you see Sony is waiting to show off their next big thing: PlayStation 5.

    • Geralt Of Rivia
      Geralt Of Rivia

      It's out, you guys are just slow.

    • dr. phylisphical
      dr. phylisphical

      What the ps5 is finally coming out.

  • Douglas Burd
    Douglas Burd

    E3 is so pointless

  • Chris Michael
    Chris Michael

    Sony cancels Days Gone 2 and greenlights The Last of Us Remake 🤦‍♂️ No wonder they're a no show.

  • Henrik the king Larsson
    Henrik the king Larsson

    Sony’s reply when asked to E3 🖕

  • Rhetorical man
    Rhetorical man

    vaccinated sheeple. immune for 1 strain, for 4 month. For a virus with multiple strains. thats logic.

  • thisguynamedbrian

    Sony has done there own thing for a few years

  • FlamingBro2445

    Hopefully we get a new jojo game

  • ChildofYAH

    Bussies!!!! if you build it, they will come!

  • Francsco Albuquerque
    Francsco Albuquerque

    Saints row 5

  • Kratos


  • SectionEight

    Is this year's E3 still going to be riddled with bootlicking influencers like the ESA said they wanted E3 to include going forward?

  • William McLelland
    William McLelland

    Sony has nothing interesting

  • Trevor Stockwell
    Trevor Stockwell

    Lets hope 2k shows the new bioshock

  • Ryan

    No wonder they are skipping it and hiding in shame, MS straight up making them look like fools. Not like they have a single exclusive shooter or RPG franchise to show anyways because they are now all MS exclusives 😂😂😂

  • trivolution1

    Sony has been out performed in their last E3s so this make sense.

  • yabadaba doo
    yabadaba doo

    Sony doesn’t need E3. E3 needs Sony Microsoft and Nintendo ain’t it well Nintendo is but Microsoft can kick rocks they should just merge with Sony’s gaming department and stick to whatever else they have

    • dr. phylisphical
      dr. phylisphical

      Lol nah your tripping.

  • Anex415


  • DatDerp Derping
    DatDerp Derping

    Tbf Sony barely got any new games to show

    • Andrez PT
      Andrez PT


  • Dylan White
    Dylan White

    The only disappointment we had from Sony opting out of E3 was TLOU2 and it wasn’t even the trailers. It was the game it self

  • The A Listers
    The A Listers

    Sony doesn't need E3, theyre doing just fine without it. I'd rather they keep putting money into events like Evo so we can keep our communities alive.

  • Mystic Mxsty
    Mystic Mxsty

    Pain nothing but pain

    • Preston Onuselogu
      Preston Onuselogu


    • Unknown Soldier
      Unknown Soldier

      Yes, know pain

  • XtraThankYou

    *Sony* finna pull an *Endgame* coming out last minute through a portal.

  • Simon Farre
    Simon Farre

    E3 serves the microsoft business model. Same model they've had since the 90s, all form no substance. Superficial hype meant to generate $. The products, the art, all irrelevant. So yeah, E3 can go, the sooner the multi level marketing mentality of Microsoftian capitalism dies, the better.

  • Dwiki Tumigolung
    Dwiki Tumigolung

    Sony don't need E3, E3 need Sony. Simple.

    • dr. phylisphical
      dr. phylisphical


  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates

    E3 should be digital anyways....

  • ahmed Ali
    ahmed Ali

    Are they explaining sarcasm?

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts

    Might be because there's only 3 people in the world with a ps5 so it's a waste for Sony to turn up

  • Blender Boy
    Blender Boy

    Sony knows E3 is on a downhill trend

    • Naom Darth
      Naom Darth

      @Talion Spartan soon PS4 stores are going to be shut

    • Naom Darth
      Naom Darth

      No it's Sony who has been going downhill


    Hmmmm Konami hey? Have a feeling they going to officially confirm those rumoured two Silent Hill games apparently in the works and that Metal Gear Solid remake ???

    • Yes indeed
      Yes indeed

      New silent hill?

  • Lewis Fairbrother
    Lewis Fairbrother

    E3 isn't neccessary in today's world

  • RzR K
    RzR K

    Sony have state of play, e3 is nothing special, now nobody wait to e3 to show big games, nobody need e3 now, covid change this.

  • Francesco Gnudi
    Francesco Gnudi


  • Johan Julius van Zyl
    Johan Julius van Zyl

    Well, it is either panic stations at Sony, or they are remaining calm because they have an ace up their sleeve, the fact is it is a true Schrodinger's cat conundrum, they'll have to open the box for us to see whether it is dead or alive, or if there was even a cat at all.

    • dr. phylisphical
      dr. phylisphical

      Or if the box even exist.

  • Dio Samantha
    Dio Samantha

    Oooooh E3

  • Seif Yasser
    Seif Yasser

    Who else hopes to hear anything about GTA 6 come on Rockstar please

    • dr. phylisphical
      dr. phylisphical

      @L0NEWOLF 95 it wont gta is to big and its like eminem like him or not the more you try to cancel him the bigger hes going to get.

    • L0NEWOLF 95
      L0NEWOLF 95

      @Faulk Smash Its way more intense now then back in 2013 when GTA 5 came out tho hopefully it doesn't.

    • Faulk Smash
      Faulk Smash

      @L0NEWOLF 95 Cancel culture can't get GTA. it's tried many times

    • L0NEWOLF 95
      L0NEWOLF 95

      Depends if cancel culture bans it

  • Paul To
    Paul To

    Why would SONY sign on. Don't they own EVO

  • MustafaPS5

    sony don’t need e3 - e3 needs sony, well done 👏 to sony

  • C - Valer
    C - Valer

    It's a digital event, they could easily make their own event with no extra cost.

    • Faulk Smash
      Faulk Smash

      your brain is huge

  • Flaaj

    E3 needs Sony more than Sony needs E3

    • VenomFuryX

      That's why they were always saving the Sony press conference for the last.

  • Kibota

    No one needs Sony. They should stick with making more ps5 consoles

  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss

    Sony is a ship without a captain imo

    • Preston Onuselogu
      Preston Onuselogu

      @gamer480 a ship without a captain drifts aimlessly waiting to be plundered from it's gold

    • gamer480

      @Preston Onuselogu What is even your point? Sony makes great games and that's the only thing that matters, what Sony does as a company is not my concern

    • Preston Onuselogu
      Preston Onuselogu

      @gamer480 Without a captain what is your point

    • gamer480

      Still a ship full of gold..

  • Sen Izzie
    Sen Izzie

    What they gonna show tho? Gow? Cool but what else?

    • C - Valer
      C - Valer

      They literally have hundreds of unused IP from alot of different genres

    • C - Valer
      C - Valer

      They literally have hundreds of unused IP from different genres

  • Senile Dad
    Senile Dad

    E3 will only be a success if Elden Ring appears.

    • should


    • Vibe

      Gow you mean

    • Blair


  • OG

    bro that guy on the left wears his headphones so weird

  • Jussainwuturthinkn

    PlayStation has no news

  • Xavier Williams
    Xavier Williams

    Fuckers. Need GOW news.

  • Pyro Cynical
    Pyro Cynical

    Oooooooooooooooh... oh nvm

  • Bruce Aitken
    Bruce Aitken

    Yea, because Sony realizes that this pandemic is nowhere near over.

    • C - Valer
      C - Valer

      And Not because they have planned their own event

    • Mark Williamson
      Mark Williamson

      whats that got to do with anything? there's no congregation, its digital. 🤫

  • Setsuna F. Seiei
    Setsuna F. Seiei


    • Ronald Charan
      Ronald Charan

      It's going to get worse. Global chip shortages.

    • Adam D.G
      Adam D.G


  • steven contreras
    steven contreras

    Dammit Sony

  • al gore
    al gore

    Sony is an afterthought for me anyways

    • al gore
      al gore

      @MR that's for true

    • MR

      Also Al gore: *proceeds to click on Sony related video to comment*

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson

    Sony has no games, thats why. And no need for Ps5 , exclusives comes to pc

    • MR

      Not all exclusives. Microsimps Literally powering your dreams, because y’all don’t have games to power 😂

    • Samya Mridha
      Samya Mridha

      Wait 5 years then.

    • C - Valer
      C - Valer

      Only some last gen exclusive

  • Justin POL
    Justin POL


  • R3APST3P

    flexin ur ps5 at the start huh ? not cool

  • Dylan Wal
    Dylan Wal

    Is a conference real if it’s on your computer


    Bcs sony don't have anything to show.

  • reyesarsenal9

    Never gonna go back either. Waste of money, better having their own thing.

  • King Hart
    King Hart

    Sony has nothing to show no exciting exclusives they've been riding the woke train 🚆 and it's already starting to derail 🤣

    • King Hart
      King Hart

      @Munther Mohamed haha $ony for the payers Nothing but cinematic walking simulators

    • Munther Mohamed
      Munther Mohamed

      Keep saying that to your self because we both know that's not true 😂

    • Andrez PT
      Andrez PT


    • Steven Bishop
      Steven Bishop

      As if Microsoft is non woke lol

  • Devin Walters
    Devin Walters

    Well you know how it is, if you don't have anything to show that's worth a grand stage showcase, then it's best to not force what little you do have onto one. It saves a whole lot of unnecessary time being spent, saves money and keeps the needle in that cringoid meter laying at 0.

    • Devin Walters
      Devin Walters

      @MRVery true.

    • MR

      They’re having their own event. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all bigger than E3 none of them need it.

  • Blue Fusion-VG
    Blue Fusion-VG

    Cuz sony knows wtf they doing and they dont need E3

    • Ismail Marsh
      Ismail Marsh

      @KK Daze Tell that to millions who chose playstation over Xbox. PS5 is killing it in sales.😉

    • Naom Darth
      Naom Darth

      @A dog with a keyboard this is about current gen and PS5 looks like another flop

    • MR

      @KK Daze you’re right, but they do WANT Sony lol

    • A dog with a keyboard
      A dog with a keyboard

      @KK Daze over 100 million people thinks you are pathetic.

    • Faulk Smash
      Faulk Smash

      Everyone is at home glued to their screens and Sony doesn't show up to E3 to show anything to those people... must be a big brain move i'm missing


    Why is he purple....

  • Weeb Slack
    Weeb Slack

    E3 is coming and still no elden ring

    • Ismail Marsh
      Ismail Marsh

      @fake todd howard Don't get your hopes up that much. The demo leak was being played on Playstation. Sony's next PlayStation Experience is going to be fun.😉

    • fake todd howard
      fake todd howard

      But microsoft has the marketing rights It literly says it And it says coming to pc,ps4,xbox one and of course it will come to next gen kid So ps5,xbox seires x,s I'm like 99% percant sure it will be shown in E3 And btw what does "made an aliance with" mean? Lmao

    • Ismail Marsh
      Ismail Marsh

      @fake todd howard Eldin Ring is from soft wihch Sony made an alliance with now and Eldin Ring was leaked running on PS5. So guess things changed. Sony has surprises come next PlayStation Experience.😉

    • Franciszek Woźniak
      Franciszek Woźniak

      @Turd Ferguson a LOT of people would disagree

    • fake todd howard
      fake todd howard

      @Turd Ferguson you literly commented So you care :))))

  • otogigamer

    Microsoft left E3 years ago and does their own thing in the Microsoft theater down the street

    • otogigamer

      @TheGoncas2 they stopped buying showfloor space 3 years ago. They may have had a meeting room but like EA they have no floor space

    • TheGoncas2

      But they were still on the showfloor showing demos.

  • KissUbuntuBantu

    At last

  • otogigamer

    Sony has no games

    • VenomFuryX

      You wish

    • gamer480

      Do you listen to yourself when you talk?

  • Higo Wesley
    Higo Wesley

    E3 do not need Sony.

    • Steven Bishop
      Steven Bishop

      None of them need E3 so whats your point.

  • Vodulin_Myer

    Where have you gone to SPIDERMAN!?

    • Vodulin_Myer

      @Asta Liebe oh no, that was a Spiderman 2 reference. Because of Sony not being at E3 again.

    • Asta Liebe
      Asta Liebe

      The wait between the game before marvels spider-man and marvels spider-man was longer than this wait is.

  • Luis Miguel Martínez
    Luis Miguel Martínez

    Most people haven't attended E3 so even all digital will feel pretty much like the real deal. Only that the keynotes will be prerecorded

  • Sawya

    Sony been taking Ls lately man

    • Sage The Assassin
      Sage The Assassin

      Ummmm State of Play???

    • Tomas Bolotnicoff
      Tomas Bolotnicoff

      Not really...they do they own event...the have done this for 3 years...

  • UIEdwin-san PR
    UIEdwin-san PR

    Can’t wait for E3!!!!

  • marvelous LIE
    marvelous LIE

    Sony's sitting it out because they have literally nothing to show. Lol.

    • Tomas Bolotnicoff
      Tomas Bolotnicoff

      Yeah ...of course ...u said the same when they posponed the event last year...

  • Edwin

    Sony is following rockstars footsteps. Doing things on their own terms, not following the industry rules

    • Edwin

      @LoboTimbs no u

    • LoboTimbs

      Sony doesn't need anyone lmao

    • HawfHuman

      @Neilos 1714 "Nobody asked for".... lmao get out of here

    • free willy
      free willy

      @Turd Ferguson bro you’re such a fanboy, it’s your loss you don’t play GOTY games

    • MGHQ -MobileGamerzHQ
      MGHQ -MobileGamerzHQ

      Sony isn't following Rockstars Footsteps they still announce games before they come out to, Rockstar is owned by Take2, Sony is Sony

  • Danny Morrow
    Danny Morrow

    Sony is the company equivalent of a hipster douchebag

  • arjun bohara
    arjun bohara

    Switch Pro?

  • adam Elam
    adam Elam

    Sony don’t need E3. They are fine on there own.

  • iWheezy

    & Sony will still come out on top lol

    • iWheezy

      @KK Daze 79 Billion is being broke? Damn

  • Anthony K
    Anthony K

    No one cares.....

    • MR

      You do apparently lol

  • EJS

    Imagine caring about what Sony does in 2021? lmao eww

    • MR

      Apparently you do, seeing how you bothered to comment on a Sony related video 😂

  • Edric Chang
    Edric Chang

    How is sony it’s key player???

  • Michael Hertel
    Michael Hertel

    Just release Demon Souls Remake on PC, quit f***ing around Blue Point.

    • William Lowe
      William Lowe

      Sony owns that IP so more than likely not gonna happen, but would be great as more people would get to play that sweet masterpiece.

  • BillyBet YT
    BillyBet YT

    Probably too busy porting exclusives to PC.

  • Ak47

    Whats this tension between e3 and sony nowadays?

    • Preston Onuselogu
      Preston Onuselogu

      @SoNGY 8 smart

    • Naom Darth
      Naom Darth

      @SoNGY 8 rockstar is part of take two so yes they are part of E3 this year. Only EA and Activision are missing but both have almost same games every year so not missing much

    • SoNGY 8
      SoNGY 8

      @Naom Darth its 50/50, Sony, EA, Activision, Bandai Namco, Rockstar and few more arent attending

    • Naom Darth
      Naom Darth

      @SoNGY 8 most big publishers are attending E3 this year.

    • VenomFuryX

      @SoNGY 8 at least then we can't get a gameplay demo that's lies just like Anthem.

  • Zac Peters
    Zac Peters

    Is techland present

  • Lu The Gamecat
    Lu The Gamecat

    Everyone loved to hate E3. While it was around everyone hated on it and as soon as it left everyone started saying that they wanted it back

    • Alan Bijoy
      Alan Bijoy

      @Lu The Gamecat it’s a waste of money for publishers who can just have their own events. Moreover the ESA is a VERY shady organization

    • randomnobody playthrough
      randomnobody playthrough

      That's how the world works.

    • Turd Ferguson
      Turd Ferguson

      @Dion Its been a flop for years

    • Turd Ferguson
      Turd Ferguson

      Nobody wants it back, nobody asked for it

    • Lu The Gamecat
      Lu The Gamecat

      @Dion there are now 5 comments here from people specifically saying that they hate E3

  • Dream Wisley
    Dream Wisley

    Sony is a Pimp named :

  • Demon unicorn125
    Demon unicorn125

    Sad bastards

  • Javier Rosado
    Javier Rosado

    Ps5 is the xbox one of next gen!

    • Michael Turner
      Michael Turner

      PlayStation people lol

    • VenomFuryX

      @Quentin B it would sell more even without scalpers


      Delete this comment you loser, nobody even gave you a like you twat

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      Bad joke

    • Quentin B
      Quentin B

      @Jay 767 wait is it actually selling more even though not many ppl have one

  • Epic Zilla CD
    Epic Zilla CD

    Well there goes any hope that we didn't have for Spider-Man 2

    • Epic Zilla CD
      Epic Zilla CD

      @Asta Liebe It was a joke we all knew it wasn't going to be there even if Sony was there

    • Asta Liebe
      Asta Liebe

      Dude the miles morales spidermam just came out like 5 months ago. Why would they have a sequel ready when they need to make the game for 2 new consoles that have better graphics than the previous generation. It'll take longer to make bigger games.

    • Epic Zilla CD
      Epic Zilla CD

      @shutter also we thought the arkham series was done now we have kill the justice league

    • shutter

      @Epic Zilla CD they're done with that franchise. give it up.

    • Epic Zilla CD
      Epic Zilla CD

      Or Spider-Man

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen

    Who cares, sony is becoming so arrogant and full of themselves it hurts.

    • Bobby Edwards
      Bobby Edwards


  • Aby Power
    Aby Power

    Sony this generation is being scared WTH?

    • Go Packers
      Go Packers

      They will do there own show like last year

  • Reggie TV
    Reggie TV

    Japanese PlayStation afraid of American Xbox 💪

    • Symphonizexx

      @PS5 AND XSX OWNER you sound like a troll based on your name and your comment. Carry on


      @Symphonizexx "dominate" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Symphonizexx

      @Ice cold Newz that’s why xbox will dominate if they have an official support in asia, playstation will die. Let PC + Nintendo + Xbox dominate

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      Xbox being afraid of Spider-man 2 :-)

    • Ice cold Newz
      Ice cold Newz

      @Symphonizexx true cause Xbox lately been buying up all these Japanese companies to spread Xbox in Asia country’s which is the biggest gamer/consumers plus Americans love Japanese stuff in terms of anime’s and video games so this will hurt sony either later on or in the future

  • Charly Oswaldo
    Charly Oswaldo

    Sony key player? Parfavaaar

  • Bighead ugly
    Bighead ugly

    im getting tired of Sony doing this🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Questionable Logic
    Questionable Logic

    Sony's dropping out but Nintendo isn't? What sort of loopy land have we entered?

    • Brandon Adrien
      Brandon Adrien

      Hasn't Nintendo been winning that past couple E3s since 2017?

    • TheGoncas2

      It's not a surprise, it's the same as 2019.

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police

    *but Sony is still sitting it out

  • JustJoshin

    Well Sony better have some event soon, still waiting for worth while games for my PS5.

    • Jeremiah C
      Jeremiah C

      Xbox is in a even worse position. No decent exclusives

    • Reiner Most
      Reiner Most

      @Asta Liebe Cross gen game

    • Asta Liebe
      Asta Liebe

      @Aman Prasad resident evil 8?

    • WillBest

      Looks like you gonna be waiting until next year because this year is just cross gen games and multiplats.

    • Mark Williamson
      Mark Williamson

      @Aman Prasad and deathloopbis just a timed exclusive. Agree with Ratchet,n AA kids linear game. Just not interested

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