Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Official Mini-Pufts Character Reveal Clip (2021) Paul Rudd
In this clip for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Paul Rudd meets some adorable Mini-Pufts while supermarket shopping but things quickly turn chaotic.

Directed by Jason Reitman, Ghostbusters: Afterlife follows the story of a single mom and her two kids who begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is produced by Ivan Reitman, and stars Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson, and Paul Rudd.

The film, which is written by Gil Kenan and Jason Reitman, arrives in theaters on November 11, 2021.

  • Namaste Crypto
    Namaste Crypto

    Baskin Robbins always finds out.

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood

    The film is already shilling for commercial products. This is going to be dreadful.

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Yes this completely erases the last awful Ghostbusters that they made. As if it never existed 😆

  • Alex Paul
    Alex Paul

    for a marketing stunt these guys should put fake marshmallow bags in store and have them occasionally shake/make noise.

  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge


  • Evil Doggo
    Evil Doggo

    That was the most horrifying mass homicide of marshmallows I’ve ever seen

  • Bante Hayes
    Bante Hayes

    Aw they’re so adorable.

  • M M
    M M

    Please don't make the film a shitstorm of terrible gags like the 2016 version. Learn from you're mistakes WB.

    • FANATIC PLANET Productions
      FANATIC PLANET Productions

      It's Sony.

  • Billy Jhon ́s
    Billy Jhon ́s


  • BJ Chester
    BJ Chester

    This makes no sense within the universe of the film.

    • Rosè Valentine
      Rosè Valentine

      Why not. Remember the pink slime being able to animate things? What about all the weird variations of ghosts in part 1 and 2?

  • Jesse Montalvo
    Jesse Montalvo

    They're like baby stay pufts

  • Eminem- chan
    Eminem- chan


  • Adam Yediberli Dien
    Adam Yediberli Dien

    What is it with Paul Rudd and Baskin Robbins? Where there Paul Rudd, there is Baskin Robbins ..

  • Frag Mental
    Frag Mental

    So we're okay with this, but Melissa McCarthy is a bridge too far? Is that right? Is that what we're going with?

  • Roann Gatdula
    Roann Gatdula

    Baskin-Robbins always finds out...

  • MightyMoose

    Ah, Paul rudd the king of Light hearted and meaningless entertainment

  • Skelet0 Ic3
    Skelet0 Ic3

    Im starting to think Paul rudd has sold his soul to baskin robbins for unlimited ice cream

  • vivaquitocarajo

    Can't wait to watch it on the nearest AMC! 🚀🐵

  • M Myers
    M Myers

    Somehow that scene reminds me of the little Ashes in Army of Darkness 😂👍

  • Chelsy Tjandiono
    Chelsy Tjandiono

    Baskin Robbins will always be in Paul Rudd’s movies

  • David T
    David T

    Why do this for a movie that doesn’t come out for 7 months?

  • mrrehab84

    This looks corny... im scared for the finished product

  • My Name
    My Name

    This clip is better than Ghostbusters 2016.

  • L M
    L M


  • Chi Wai Tran
    Chi Wai Tran

    the CGI looks so bad

  • Disney knights padilla
    Disney knights padilla

    How cute it's like seeing a bunch of baby casper Gremlins.

  • Jembo

    Let's count the number of product placements...

  • Turnip Sucks
    Turnip Sucks

    Nice. Looks like a fun movie to watch.

  • Butterboy

    the baskin robins is so funny to me

  • PerniciousWolf ASMR
    PerniciousWolf ASMR

    Ant man vs marshmellows

  • Brenton Baker
    Brenton Baker

    Looks terrible

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Wtf? Is this gonna be the new movie?

  • 雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者
    雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者

    Cartman + Minions

  • James

    Seems like everyone is trying to be gremlins/krampus with these scenes.

  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge

    Ghostbust 👻 mosmelos

  • Ana Johnson
    Ana Johnson

    So basically, they're tiny chaos gremlins made of sugar?

  • Loadstar720

    The cgi needs a little work

  • PluFisIonatE NiNetEeN
    PluFisIonatE NiNetEeN

    101 118 101 110 32 105 102 32 121 111 117 32 116 114 121 32 121 111 117 32 119 105 108 32 100 105 101

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown

    What up with him and baskin robbin?

  • Dennis Kaylor
    Dennis Kaylor

    this movie needs to come out NOW

  • Blaster


  • soulhunter91

    Why would you get Baskin Robbins when they fired you?!

  • Jon-A-Ton Video
    Jon-A-Ton Video

    What's with Paul Rudd and Baskin Robbins?

  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge


  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge

    Funny scene ghostbuturst 👻 👻👻👻

  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge

    Ghostbustees movie

  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge

    Funny movie comedy 🤣

  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge

    Ghost 👻

  • Tiana roberge roberge
    Tiana roberge roberge


  • CoolKid895- YT
    CoolKid895- YT

    Great, they're masochists

  • Matthew Finnigan
    Matthew Finnigan

    I’ll take what Evers fresh and hot

  • Dr. Godehard Elsing
    Dr. Godehard Elsing

    So, this is actually in the movie??? O_o

  • CT-DOC 2431
    CT-DOC 2431

    If u didnt get the reason y paul rudds character picked BR ice cream is cause he played as ant man (lol everybody knows that) and in the beginning of the movie, ant man works at BR lol

  • Gaming Jaze
    Gaming Jaze

    me: *did not watch cilp since dont want spoilers* me:*PROUD *

  • Andrew Kemp
    Andrew Kemp

    You know when you watch an advert that is an advert promoting a movie... but IGN still monetise the clip so you have to watch an advert before. No wonder everyone hates IGN.

  • The Mamadou
    The Mamadou

    Without content, this set design is abasolutely not spooky or anything... the original movie always remember how to play with his audience (the library for example). Here it is a normal supermarket with no specific lightning. Why does the marshmallow guys looks like baby groot or something cute and shout like ewoks

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can

    wtf ant man ?? you traitor !!!

  • Chris Metz
    Chris Metz

    This is hilarious

  • Steve Porter
    Steve Porter

    The Adipose from Dr Who say “We exist!”

  • Dynamic Gaming
    Dynamic Gaming

    Paul Rudd must like baskin robins, he used to work there

  • PikNik 86
    PikNik 86

    Paul Rudd thinks that he was the only witness to see these small marshmallow people. What he didn't know is that Baskin Robbins always finds out.

  • Samson Biggz
    Samson Biggz

    Paul Rudd might just save this franchise.

  • adyan isa
    adyan isa

    anyone realize the baskin robins

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    So is this ever gonna come out?

  • Slick Perspective
    Slick Perspective

    _"Wow...Afterlife..."_ Out of a million only few believes that there's _"Afterlife"_ .

  • Radical Centrist
    Radical Centrist

    Already looking better than Ghostbusters 2016

  • Moy O
    Moy O

    nope no product placement here

  • Sunhawk

    Already better than that other movie. Which shall not be named.


    Is Paul Rudd legally required to be in a film with a Baskin Robins product placement?


    The new Gremlins looks awesome!

  • Tallen Smith
    Tallen Smith

    I’ll watch it for Paul Rudd, not cuz it’s. Ghostbusters movie

  • Will Patton
    Will Patton

    Tf happened to Paul Rudd, why's he look like a grownup all the sudden

  • Brendyn Bouchard
    Brendyn Bouchard

    That got genuinely horrifying with the roasting 😳

  • egguhtoast

    Bro the music is amazing

  • Blood Eagle
    Blood Eagle

    Sorry but this looks pritty bad

  • King Scorch
    King Scorch


  • Random Fish
    Random Fish

    Dude, Baskin Robbins always finds out!

  • Jesse Parmele
    Jesse Parmele

    I’m getting some Force Awakens vibes here

  • XDeathReconX

    This hit me right in the cash in feels

  • C F
    C F

    There is literally no point in watching this.

  • Emrys Wyllt
    Emrys Wyllt

    Waking from the nightmare finally!

  • James Acosta
    James Acosta

    These stay pufts minis will form together to form one massive one

  • Red Vanquish
    Red Vanquish

    "SHH! Do you smell something?" *Stay Puft s'mores being cooked*

  • Jonathan Zoranen
    Jonathan Zoranen

    Looks like a Ghostbusters version of goosebumps

  • Waiiit a second
    Waiiit a second

    Gremlins 3!!! Finally

  • The Once and Future Jake
    The Once and Future Jake

    Can we talk about the scariest part of this clip? Who goes to grab the ice cream FIRST?!

  • madi bendy
    madi bendy

    everyone in Hollywood is making everything babies now because of grogu... I’m just saying

  • Mega Magikarp
    Mega Magikarp

    Here’s to hoping it’s better than the last

  • MattBee

    What's with it with Paul Rudd and Baskin Robin's? Was if because of any man or something else?

  • So0bek Gaming
    So0bek Gaming

    What the hell is Paul Rudd doing there?!

  • Jesus Cobos
    Jesus Cobos

    Baskin Robins always finds out

  • Generation Why Productions
    Generation Why Productions

    Why would Stay Puft return? Stay Puft wasn’t a ghost or a demon... it was created because Ray tried to think up the least dangerous thing imaginable when Gozer said their next thought would be their death? So unless Gozer AND Ray are both back AND Gozer tries to kill Ray in the exact same way as she did in the 80s AND Ray has the exact same thought.... the return of Stay Puft makes zero sense. Clearly it’s just a ploy to sell merchandise at the expense of making any sense.


    Baskin-Robbins always finds out

  • Mark Cronin
    Mark Cronin

    This 54 second clip was better than the entire 2016 Ghostbusters.

  • Jake Reehl
    Jake Reehl

    Funny, Paul worked at Baskin Robins in Ant-Man now he's looking for Baskin Robins' treats in Ghostbusters :-D

  • Tyler Lipman
    Tyler Lipman

    Blue Velvet shoutout

  • TeezyFFA

    Not the first time Paul Rudd failed at Baskin Robins

  • Quinn Zyker
    Quinn Zyker

    Slaps self:Stay Slaps knees and chest: Stay Keeps slapping: STAYPUFF

  • Peter Macansky
    Peter Macansky

  • orang utan
    orang utan

    Is the Baskin-Robbins an Ant-Man reference?