Jump Force - Official Giorno Giovanna Gameplay Trailer
Giorno Giovanna joins the fighting game's roster. Check out the gameplay trailer for a look at the character and his Stand in action and experience the Passione boss in all his golden glory.

Giorno Giovanna arrives as paid DLC on April 13, 2021, and will be available as early access for Characters Pass 2 owners on April 9, 2021.
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  • phillip dutcher
    phillip dutcher

    Dead game

  • Chris

    Bring back Tsuna and i'm sold

  • Wawan 56
    Wawan 56

    So basicly everyone is a stand user

  • Jos Muser
    Jos Muser


  • Jett.

    Awful, they don't even care about trailers anymore.

  • Today i ate my cat
    Today i ate my cat

    Part 6 just got announced and now this, SHEEEEESSSSSHHHHH......

  • StubbornPotato Gaming
    StubbornPotato Gaming

    Giorno's Theme should be played as BGM for his Ult.

  • elesqueletonaranja

    They should make eyes of heaven playablr in Xbox one too

  • Mr. Meme 72
    Mr. Meme 72

    This game gave me epilepsy

  • Lazaro Monteiro
    Lazaro Monteiro

    Someone to play online on weekends, anime games and other fighting games (PS4)? Send me a request: Smith-Genial.

  • Peace Hall
    Peace Hall

    Jump Force: One Button Everything

  • Meme making idiot
    Meme making idiot

    imagine if they made jump force an anime marvel vs capcom instead of what it currently is. Then it would actually be hype and not a huge letdown with ambition.

  • Brendan B
    Brendan B

    Okay no season 3 now when's Jump vs. Capcom

  • Q8 Darius
    Q8 Darius

    Why wont this game die so we get an actual better game?

  • Whole Universe Gaming
    Whole Universe Gaming

    in theory, after the first hit of any opponent, giorno will win

  • V Vendetta
    V Vendetta

    Still waiting on Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen characters.

  • That_One Fuze Main
    That_One Fuze Main

    This game was a cash grab

  • Carlos Araya
    Carlos Araya

    Wasn't Giorno already available before??

    • Poppy Fraze
      Poppy Fraze

      No he was in the files of the game some people just put him in the game by hacking the pc version

  • uniqq MagmaZx
    uniqq MagmaZx

    Epic but are yall making jolyne

    • Poppy Fraze
      Poppy Fraze

      Probably with the third season of DLC which is rumored now that part 6 is getting animated

  • SIL3NTgamesYT

    The people making the trailer Let me win but dont make it to obious also let me finish you off with my ultimate

  • Mark Allen Hanginan
    Mark Allen Hanginan


  • The man behind the dancing
    The man behind the dancing

    Everyone gangsta until the piano start playing

  • Dustin

    that super doesn't really capture how convoluted golden experience requiem is huh?

  • Manu TheDeath
    Manu TheDeath

    Im surprised this is actually not for a definitive hd remaster ultra edition premium

  • Pepe Larrza
    Pepe Larrza

    This game looks absolutely awful it looks like a low budget fanmade beta with unreal engine 3

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa

    No piano? No, thanks.

  • Javier Alejandro
    Javier Alejandro

    Korega... Requiem... Da...

  • †Leonic 458
    †Leonic 458

    The amount of likes, you can tell this game is very alive while others clowning there self that put the game down since day one and calling it dead yet not knowing about the updates patches, sore losers that stay as a newbie same with ryno and afro senju

  • Kalen Williams
    Kalen Williams

    Wait hasn’t this character been out for months now ?

  • Draco Gsp
    Draco Gsp

    So the character pass gives us early access?

  • Booseebean

    He as bad before they reworked him 😂

  • Liam McClain
    Liam McClain

    Half of his moves are just slightly different MUDA rushes

  • shitposte status
    shitposte status

    But he's ability to return action to zero

  • shitposte status
    shitposte status

    The strongest character on the game

  • Ninja 1
    Ninja 1

    It Took 5 Month To Make Trailer...

  • Ninja 1
    Ninja 1

    Honestly, Anyone Who Tries To Fight Ger Will Die In 10 Second

  • Alessandro in Borghese
    Alessandro in Borghese

    Why Tf Gold Esperience is Already Requiem

  • Sypher Music
    Sypher Music

    This game still exist?

  • Aaron Carmack
    Aaron Carmack

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Gaara an unreleased character? Y'all are not gonna just throw him in the trailer like we didn't see that. Haha

    • Ara-NET-A

      Nah he’s been in the game

  • Barney

    Now its time to see if he has any special interactions, one with Dio is a must

  • OgGeo

    he used to do this cool pose during the rush and now he just walks. damn. it was cooler the other way due to requiem

    • Atlas Paradise
      Atlas Paradise


  • Ungasis

    But where's his piano theme ?!

  • Oscar 101
    Oscar 101


  • Luis Valladares
    Luis Valladares

    Isn’t he already in the game?

  • Thomaster

    Soooo... does anyone else find it a bit weird that Giorno starts the fight with G.E.R.? No? Just me? Alright.

    • chill0wt

      It would’ve been dope if the awaken animation was him using the req arrow

    • kiju09

      @xxcagedriotxx so then why do they use dio with the jacket instead of how he is at the end of part 3? also part 5 ended 22 years ago

    • xxcagedriotxx

      @kiju09 no it's not. They use current versions of all the characters. Part 5 of jojo ended two years ago.

    • kiju09

      @xxcagedriotxx yeah but is still weird they didn’t went with normal gold experience he only gets requiem at the end

    • xxcagedriotxx

      @NoobsAreGod the arrow fused with his stand. This is Giorno at the end of the series. It doesn't just go back to being a normal stand.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo


  • GunSmoke008

    Wait this game still exists?

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Is the early access for people who have the deluxe edition

  • Bigotilyou

    is it just me or everyone's having a goosebumps

  • Sebastian Giovannella
    Sebastian Giovannella

    Fun fact: “Giorno” is Italian for “Day” and “Giovanna” it’s an Italian female name

  • Mojo_

    This would be even cooler if it was in a better game.

  • Greg Artman
    Greg Artman

    Do people still play this game?!

  • 2Ordinary

    That was probably the lamest trailer you could’ve given giorno and why didn’t they make him wear his pink suit cause the blue one just makes him look a bit like kurapika from the back.

    • Joker

      Blue Giorno >>>>>>>> Pink That’s my opinion tho I’d rather have him in black

    • DiamondBack

      The blue is the manga suit... there goin by manga

  • Roody mucho
    Roody mucho

    Can we get killer queen

  • Nintendo Fanboy
    Nintendo Fanboy

    Is this a jojo character?

    • Jorge Paulino
      Jorge Paulino


  • Muhamad Galang
    Muhamad Galang

    Where's the piano?

  • Olphy

    Nicr game

  • Mooncaf

    boring character gets a boring moveset

  • Sebastian Medina
    Sebastian Medina

    They somehow made Giorno look super boring, meanwhile Jotaro and DIO look like if they actually poured effort in developmen

    • Cheeselord3000

      @Sebastian Medina you’re smoking pot they definitely did put effort into developing him his healing ability is op

    • Sebastian Medina
      Sebastian Medina

      Generic punches work with Jotaro and DIO, but not with Giorno

    • Sebastian Medina
      Sebastian Medina

      @DiamondBack dude, compare Jotaro and DIO's trailer with Giorno's, plus his moveset only includes 3 attacks involving his ability to create life, the other attacks are only generic punches which is mostly the opposite of Giorno's fighting style in the manga/anime

    • DiamondBack

      Ur high af

  • Sonic Racers
    Sonic Racers

    Almost makes me want to buy this. Almost

    • Obama

      its too bad cause the concept for the game is really cool. If only the game lived up to that

  • Another Mage User
    Another Mage User

    Muda muda muda *Intensify

  • Tchitchouan Inouane
    Tchitchouan Inouane

    bad game

  • Nega Perere
    Nega Perere

    The animations look REALLY bad jeez

  • jarednil69

    Looks like a game from 2005, sorry.

  • AlphaShh

    Jump Force was a disappointment, they should go ahead and remake it

  • BeTrd


  • WiiU92

    *sigh*.....I’m glad for the people who are excited about this lol. Maybe one day we’ll get another quality jojo fighting game. But Jump Force just ain’t for me. I’d rather player My Hero Ones Justice 2

  • Capello Zapellini
    Capello Zapellini

    Who is even asking for dlc for this game

  • xSMOKEx

    Ugh, welfare Tekken! 😜

  • 3 Minute Game Reviews
    3 Minute Game Reviews


  • New3DSLUIGI364

    He Can Restore his Own Health!!! That's VERY Useful in THIS particular Game!!

  • Ryutosuke

    that ultimate kinda underwhelming though

  • Kirito kun
    Kirito kun


  • 101mylo

    I'm sure even the 3 kids who still play this dont even care

  • speederman85

    Gohan dlc when?

  • Earl Ollsen
    Earl Ollsen

    Cant believe they are still releasing characters for this game 😳

    • chill0wt

      @Stewzy yeah last one for this character pass but there’s been talk of a character pass 3

    • Stewzy

      Giorno was the last one I’m sure

  • juicefuhrer

    People still play this game?

  • kiri101 gaming
    kiri101 gaming

    0:51 characters believing he lagging so hard, they can’t see his punches

  • Jplanas98

    People still play this game?

  • Aditya Rohta
    Aditya Rohta

    Jump force should get power rangers

    • IamJerf

      You do realize this is an anime game, right?

  • Ezerad Gaming
    Ezerad Gaming

    Bro they skipped Itachi and Pain for this....

    • Ezerad Gaming
      Ezerad Gaming

      @DiamondBack haha and proud to be one 😁

    • DiamondBack

      Ok narutard

  • ImSSalty

    Fix the graphics and put it on next gen

  • Fellow Space Marine
    Fellow Space Marine

    Giorno: 0:51 Everyone in the game who isn't Jotaro and Dio: WTF IS HITTING ME?!

    • Raktr

      Not sure if Kenshin could "See" it, but he would definitely feel its presence

    • Brainwave 101
      Brainwave 101

      @Stronk Abby They're _initially_ said to be the soul of the user, but in Part 5 it's revealed they're actually the byproduct of surviving an alien virus.

    • The Fundraiser
      The Fundraiser

      @Ryan15urameshi stands arent living things wtf😂

    • Son Goku
      Son Goku

      Same thing with hisoka bungee gum

    • S A D
      S A D


  • Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati

    My boy!!

    • GioGio

      Giorno's real mom

  • Adam yuridopted
    Adam yuridopted

    Yo this is really cool and all but when can we get the Phoenix Wright and some lucky star characters in here

  • Shocker

    It's about time

  • CoolPlayersVic

    Why are they trying to keep this game alive lol

    • Cheeselord3000

      No one forcing you to play it bro

    • Majin Golightly
      Majin Golightly

      It’s fun

  • RenatoGPadilla

    Respect for using Blue Giorno, but does anybody still play this game?

  • Nick Englehart
    Nick Englehart

    Who. Plays. This. Game.

  • Tre’s Playthroughs
    Tre’s Playthroughs

    Why can’t we just get a new jojo game already damn

    • DiegoPants

      @Tre’s Playthroughs it's not a JoJo game tho... It's a game called Famicom Jump which is a crossover rpg between shonen jump characters including JoJo characters, the first JoJo game is the JoJo SNES RPG

    • Allison

      @Sleepy Gyro That would be SICK. I'm all for that!

    • Sleepy Gyro
      Sleepy Gyro

      @Tre’s Playthroughs Exactly my wish as well, either an arcsys game or an open world game based in Morioh like DBZ Kakarot.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi

      @Tre’s Playthroughs Actually playstation era but ok

    • armando esteban quito
      armando esteban quito

      @V Vlad jojo all star battle recived perfect by japanese game reviewers

  • glenn yarwood
    glenn yarwood

    This game still exist lol?

  • Luan Yudi
    Luan Yudi

    Dude, just remake D.O.N (PS2)

  • m00n

    Okay this game got a bit cool now

    • Q8 Darius
      Q8 Darius


    • Oscar 101
      Oscar 101


    • josefu

      @falaflani yesn’t

    • falaflani


  • Acid


  • Diegstr R
    Diegstr R

    Why do they run funny

  • Blue Raptorz
    Blue Raptorz

    JoJo is boring, please any other anime.

    • Joker

      @JV facts

    • JV

      That's your opinion jojo and db were literally the first two manga to define the whole genre. The ogs

  • Tlow

    That 7 page muda tho

  • Toni Tanaya Sugisna
    Toni Tanaya Sugisna

    Where jolyne

  • Edmund

    Let it die

  • المساعد العام
    المساعد العام

    He dose the MUDAA That's enough fore

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