Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes - Original vs. Remastered Performance Preview
Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes are looking impressive in this early access footage provided by BioWare which takes a look at improved Mako controls, a revamped Noveria, and combat changes in the original Mass Effect. Referred to by fans as Mass Effect Remastered, this version of the game will take a look at the extensive changes in the original Mass Effect as well as some subtle changes in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 within the Legendary Edition of the series.
For more information about the changes found in Mass Effect Legendary Edition be sure to check out the latest blogpost from BioWare for more.
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  • IGN

    It was great getting to talk with BioWare about the care they put into this update to the Mass Effect series. Will you be picking up Mass Effect Legendary Edition this May? I know I will be. -Destin

    • loli kawaii
      loli kawaii

      No, we will not pick it.

    • Score Magnet
      Score Magnet

      @Lil' Bong-chan Lol, it was topseller the first day you could preorder xD What are you talking xD

    • William Chapman
      William Chapman

      @Lawrence Symes It's in 4K...

    • William Chapman
      William Chapman

      @Kendall Bald Next-gen improvements on PS5 and Series X|S will be available at launch

    • simon graves
      simon graves

      Where the video about what they removed and why

  • Evan Boll
    Evan Boll

    Is it possible to get a proper beard or moustache on MShep? Otherwise, looks great!

  • adayexpired

    OG looks better in a lot of ways. They should give DA Origins to Bluepoint next time; they’d do a much better job likely.

  • minimalist1807

    remake is banana and is more like Dark Bioware..


    the game is so Amazing that like Witcher 3 needs a Series or a Movie like Warcraft the movie

  • Bob LeBon69
    Bob LeBon69

    Bioware: FemShep is Canon. Trilogy release covers: ManShep Okay Bioware, you go ahead and pander.

    • Maxim Matiyuk
      Maxim Matiyuk

      who cares? man for the win, lqbgt kid

  • Tim_518

    They didn't really mention the elephant in the room of Mass Effect 3s ending...

    • Evan Boll
      Evan Boll

      According to some other videos I've seen on here the Extended Cut is now the default, and total war assets can depend on your actions through the entire trilogy meaning if you start from ME3 you need to do absolutely everything for something decent.

  • SaM -
    SaM -

    Will wait for final reviews and sale.

  • Roman Petrov
    Roman Petrov

    Fem is not iconic, stop saying that sh***

  • Brandon Kiernan
    Brandon Kiernan

    Ok but did they fix the abysmal autosave function of mass effect 1?

  • RegalSwede

    No weapon class restrictions? But it's an RPG... My choices should have consequences, not just in story but in gameplay....

  • Rai TheNoblesse
    Rai TheNoblesse

    new Star Trek series got (visually) heavily inspired by ME...

  • Rai TheNoblesse
    Rai TheNoblesse

    still some of the best music ever in a game (especially ME1)

  • Rai TheNoblesse
    Rai TheNoblesse

    imo female Shepard does a better job with the voice acting

  • Brandon cheney
    Brandon cheney

    to bad ea game pass wont let me change install locations lol

  • Игнатий Верный
    Игнатий Верный

    Огонь! Ждём

  • The Busby Babes
    The Busby Babes

    is this a joke? the mako stuff looks way better in the original...

  • Vipul Gupta
    Vipul Gupta

    The character creator which allows you create a character "before you play any of the games in the trilogy". All the comments making fun of this don't know how sentences work.

  • Adam Islas
    Adam Islas

    I’ve been waiting for this to be remastered. Best trilogy in gaming history

  • joelandbev forever
    joelandbev forever

    anyone know if this is 1 disc of 3???

  • Definitely not Daniel
    Definitely not Daniel

    I'm curious if they change the ending of ME:lll or not.

  • Gaming for adults Adults only
    Gaming for adults Adults only

    If you polish a turd it’s still a turd

  • ColorauGuiyino

    That "elevator wait time" thing was a lie and you know it.

  • Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary

    these old games are better than any of the newer crap

  • DilophoMS

    New graphics for old games, that's almost all we get nowadays. But in terms of gameplay and story in new games there is almost complete stagnation since years.

  • Dik Nuggets
    Dik Nuggets

    are they demonstrating this on the ps4 or a pc? thats key.

  • Danama

    compared d2 resurrected this looks underwhelming for a remaster

  • Hiren Gandhi
    Hiren Gandhi

    So excited for this after playing the originals for so many hours, all three in one. Can’t wait for May.

  • Pain 56
    Pain 56

    Музыка бля божественная

  • Elmstreet Eric
    Elmstreet Eric

    Is this remaster only containing the first part?

    • Real Gamer
      Real Gamer

      All 3

  • Carlos Fragoso
    Carlos Fragoso

    Honestly, its all cool and nice but the only game Im interested right now is MINIMAL AFFECT

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot

    I'm so happy that this is so much more than a simple texture update. I'm eager to replay ME1 with all the new features.

  • loli kawaii
    loli kawaii

    Who need this? Modders on Nexusmods have already did all that they are showing here and even more! Bioware is dead company, trying to scam old fans by selling them old game with a slight cosmetics for full price!

  • 11d3adly11

    The galaxy map music is just a instant classic....still a beauty to hear

  • Crush lemons
    Crush lemons

    Man that Noveria sound track gets me every time four more weeks!!!

  • Валерий Игоревич
    Валерий Игоревич

    По моему, в видосе, они ухудшили графон в оригинале, чтобы легендарка красивее смотрелась... :-D

  • Senoirmeow

    What would be nice is if you could explore planets through 1-3 but if they also added varied gravity so you can still make the Mako bounce a lot.

  • SoopaFlyism

    Does it support mods??

  • Christian Joel
    Christian Joel

    At least they know the “if it aint broke dont fix it” for ME3....coz tht game mechanics were damn near flawless

  • Kyle Kringle
    Kyle Kringle

    This is a great video

  • Benighted

    This is great, but we still lack substantial gameplay footage for ME1. Particularly the combat, which is ME1's biggest flaw.

  • h1ccUp1982

    Im sooooo happy

  • Паравозик Тыр-Тыр-Тыр
    Паравозик Тыр-Тыр-Тыр

    за 3.5к предлагают скачать игру с модами на графон, лол

  • Nic Bahtin
    Nic Bahtin

    the real question is did they added space boost to ME1 ?

  • ivan jay
    ivan jay

    Hope they fix the HDR Dolby Vision issues on PC. That's where they focus should be on.

  • Rickky Bobby
    Rickky Bobby

    Would you rather: Receive a remastered ME trilogy with hundreds of hours spent on massively improved graphics and game performance Or receive just a remastered ME3 where all that's changed is the ending where they go back to the originally planned "dark matter" storyline. And a fixed Tali face reveal.

    • Benighted

      The damage is already done, so I'll settle with the trilogy remaster

  • Colonel Useless
    Colonel Useless

    Kotor, kotor, kotor, kotor! DO IT NEXT! DO IT NEXT!

  • Reveen

    Playing this on console is a crime

    • Reveen

      @Maxim Matiyuk Poor kid

    • Maxim Matiyuk
      Maxim Matiyuk

      lgbtq kid

    • Real Gamer
      Real Gamer

      Imagine telling people how to enjoy themselves Pathetic

  • Tammy Branch
    Tammy Branch

    The original looks a helluva lot better than this remaster.

  • Marko Mladenovic
    Marko Mladenovic

    Hope they fix the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3. The cutscenes were pretty buggy and the sound was off in some parts...

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    aiming assist option would be handy

  • JimmyNoMates_YT

    "We fixed some of the bugs, but not all of them." Confirmed buggy game.

  • Crane Rosalia
    Crane Rosalia

    AH! I'm so freaking READY!!!!


    Ahhh, they pulled an MMC.

  • Mark Devereaux
    Mark Devereaux

    Should have skipped Andromeda and just did this earlier

  • MarcBR1

    Why is the original Mass Effect better looking than the remaster? Original Mass Effect >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mass Effect "Legendary" Edition

  • melvin chuah
    melvin chuah

    hope they improve miranda's face.

  • hilihkhintil

    ok, sold!


    Будет ли ME remake в подписке EA Play и как скоро? Спасибо заранее.

  • Nobleharbinger

    Did they fix mass effect 2's mining system?

  • Jorge Alderete
    Jorge Alderete

    sinceramente esta muy bueno, muy superior a lo que me imagine.

  • Dastardly Bastard the 2nd
    Dastardly Bastard the 2nd

    Does running outside combat actually speed you up now? Because all it did in the original was zoom in the camera.

  • Evan Benford
    Evan Benford

    Remaster: reduces contrast *got it!*

  • EvilReFlex


  • Giancarlo Rain
    Giancarlo Rain

    0:21 dafac is that face printed

  • Krogan Baby
    Krogan Baby

    If this has a new ending than it's definitely worth the full price.

  • Gary Cico
    Gary Cico

    Got to HAVE .. But the only issue *IS* .. This would have ben a prefect time to Update the story with a final Conclusion to the game.

  • Gideon Garcia
    Gideon Garcia

    Is this just 1 game, or all 3?

    • Real Gamer
      Real Gamer

      All 3

  • xyv xyethe
    xyv xyethe

    this is just a reminder of Bioware that died

  • 258

    guys c'mon where's gameplay? still waiting for gameplay video.

  • Bryce zen
    Bryce zen

    Does anyone else love how janky the Mako in the original was? Like it was annoying but it had a kind of goofy charm to it.

  • Nick Llama
    Nick Llama

    You were prepared to play through the game "once more." That's cute. *gets ready for five more playthroughs.*

  • Freiteez

    Congrats on 1million views Destin!

  • PatienceInForever

    1:06 Figure A, and Figure B

  • Luiz eduardo
    Luiz eduardo

    "Some assets have been completely remodeled" proceeds to show an asset that wasn't remodeled lll

  • Lyle James
    Lyle James

    So they made the thresher maw easier by showing you where it’s going to be next therefore removing any sense of threat or modern and progressive of them. They do know that most of us can get thru a cup head tutorial or know how spend points when we level up..?

  • Alex

    Animation replacements would've been nice like the running animations especially for femshep, but otherwise I'm excited to play

  • Hunter

    11:02 😏

  • Hunter

    Watching on my 2160 × 1080 phone and wow looks amazing!

  • Dr Squiggly
    Dr Squiggly

    they use the absolute lowest graphical options on original... PC Mass effect 1 original DOES NOT look that bad... still looks to be an improvement but obviously this is exaggerated.

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M

    Who else believes this game should be a movie spanned at least 3 movies minimum?

  • John Patrick Fay
    John Patrick Fay

    Love me some elevator music..

  • Surpass ToHell
    Surpass ToHell

    It's seems they just downloaded some graphical mods from NEXUS MODS, improved them and... Here we go! Legendary something something edition Really upset

  • Kjartan Ofstad
    Kjartan Ofstad

    It’s more gray and lifeless than ever lol

  • no parking
    no parking

    the ilghting in the original looks better than the legendary edition LMAOOOO

  • JD

    Glad devs are starting to us AI upscale. Modders have been utilizing it for years.


    Hope the grenades don’t take years to detonate

  • TayZonday

    As long as they fix searching for minerals in 2

    • K.P.N.

      What bothered me the most was the ending of ME3.

    • Buraun

      Yeah, and hopefully also fix the friendly and enemy AI.

    • Gunny Dog
      Gunny Dog

      Chocolate Rain was legendary my boy🔥🔥🔥

  • Al Bart
    Al Bart

    The face are not really better, no more expression

  • Jaylen Brown Fan
    Jaylen Brown Fan

    To any Bioware/EA employee's reading these comments. Have impatiently waited years for a complete Mass Effect game with all DLC. Thank You!

  • gigo kk
    gigo kk

    yes can see Miranda buttt clearly

  • Sherry Nadeem
    Sherry Nadeem

    The character creator allows you to create a character?!

  • pharmacie morciré
    pharmacie morciré

    still pass...

    • Yuuki

      Please leave

  • Glaive

    Why do faces in remasters always look so janky ?

  • Silva Silva
    Silva Silva

    cool. now, where is mass effect 4/5?

    • Yuuki

      Be patient


    So they didn't fix femshep animation in ME2, still running around Normandy like a gorilla

  • Ail'enduril

    funny how muting makes all corporate videos better.

  • Пончо П
    Пончо П

    Чёт попахивает на%бом от ЕА

  • LemonSqueez

    Why do they keep making people so glossy, we're not made from plastic or metal. Do Bioware not understand textures and lighting?

  • pko9k

    Looks great, I'm very pleased especially since it comes with all the DLC and I've been wanting to replay the trilogy for a while now.

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