Street Fighter 5 - Official Akira Kazama Teaser
Check out this in-development footage of #RivalSchools​ veteran, Akira Kazama in #StreetFighter​ V.


    Dan is getting his butt kick


    Wait a minute arent she a tekken character

  • Turbobist 28
    Turbobist 28

    Rule 34: A new waifu, huh? Thanks for the tip.

  • Zaky Page
    Zaky Page

    Better if it was Jun kazama

  • Victory Adajar
    Victory Adajar

    is she related to jin kazama?

  • Kai Enjin
    Kai Enjin

    She's got air combos in a Street Fighter game. *BEST GIRL*

  • Nicholas Lewis
    Nicholas Lewis

    You know, in the time it took Capcom to come out with 5 seasons of Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious fighter 5, they could have been developing a proper sequel to Rival Schools.

  • Emmanuel Boyd
    Emmanuel Boyd

    Hmm still not convinced that they used Akira instead of Kyosuke or Batsu.

  • Titanosaurus

    The fact that Capcom is naming anyone "Kazama" is fighting words. That is unless Namco gave them tacit permission.

  • Bala Mohammed
    Bala Mohammed

    Wait was that JIN?😐😐😐

  • Bala Mohammed
    Bala Mohammed

    She's a Kazama but, she debuted in SF after the capcom/namco crossover.

  • Nathan Rooke
    Nathan Rooke

    Sakura and Akira are both in Rival schools ( playstation 1 ) and are brought to street fighter

  • Blasterzorz

    of all the characters they could choose from, they picked a random chick from a game almost no one played.

  • The Classic Manila-style
    The Classic Manila-style

    What about kiryu kazuma ? Or goro majima

  • QQQ

    OMG!!!!!!!! But where's Batsu??????

  • MitsuUltra


  • Tonald Drump
    Tonald Drump

    Fun fact she is jin kazama's cousin

  • Hernan Meza
    Hernan Meza


  • Emmanuel Martindale
    Emmanuel Martindale

    Wait mazama isnt tekken ppl?

  • Tio Phills Games e Mistérios
    Tio Phills Games e Mistérios

    Rival Schools was great!

  • sebastianLopez1992

    nostalgia pura, una de las waifu mas recordada de rival schools, tremendo personaje. ojala salga mas adelante Hideo Shimazu en Street Fighter 5

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith

    The irony is this gameplay trailer created just to show off her movies against a stationary actually a pretty accurate reflection of what fighting him for real in the lore would look like. ;)

  • Sele Akere
    Sele Akere

    Didn't know Hadoken is a Kazama move?

  • herb dogg
    herb dogg

    Pit pit pit!

  • herb dogg
    herb dogg

    Pit a power ranger on here

  • herb dogg
    herb dogg

    Pit full metal Alchemist characters on here!

  • herb dogg
    herb dogg

    Pit Neo from da Matrix on here! That'd be baddassman

  • KIRY


  • Jordan Perez
    Jordan Perez

    Eres tan hermosa como el día en que te fuiste

  • Joe Gahan
    Joe Gahan

    Dan, everyone's favorite practice dummy

  • ronnyrich24

    Rival School characters 🔥🔥🔥🔥 where’s Batsu?

  • Murhamdilah

    Jin mama had been sleeping around.

  • Fenris30

    Hope we get an Older Skin like Sakura has. Can't Imagine Her as an OL though. Maybe make her a Bike Cop. Like have her apart of Chub-Li's Interpol squad. Oooo You could dress her like Sekai from the Wild 7.

  • K-suke Sasaki
    K-suke Sasaki


  • Blast Man
    Blast Man

    Still waiting for Streetfighter EX4. Akira with helmet costume pls.

  • Savarese

    please capcom make a new rival school game!!!

  • Leonhart

    Daigo coming soon.

  • Oscar Turcios
    Oscar Turcios

    another master piece akira kazama from rival schools one of my favorite games this is gonna be fun with akira do you imagine the rest of characters from rival schools in sf6 bring this game back please akira daigo kazama combo is absolutely amazing brother’s in blood iam so excited for this one

  • Multi8048

    Just like everyone said, just bring back Rival Schools or Project Justice!

  • SynClaiR West
    SynClaiR West

    So basically SFV has their own Asuka from TEKKEN. 🤣🤣 They brought her from Rival Schools but still.

  • DharK-NataL

    My favorite fighter in Rival schools 🤩 A tough biker with a soft and gentle side. Admires her older brother daigo.

  • Ryan Sookram
    Ryan Sookram

    Daigo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bxkid199

    SF5 is Turing into dead or alive 5 on how they just keep adding but don’t make a new game 💯

  • Fat Bart
    Fat Bart

    Can’t wait for the Asa Akira DLC!

  • Osaka Tales
    Osaka Tales

    Capcom, wtf are you forgetting Batsu? Like goddamn, bring him from cameo hell!

  • Mahomed Gulzar
    Mahomed Gulzar

    This means Rival Schools...

  • dredavis420

    From rival schools

  • Red Xana
    Red Xana

    Litle daigo

  • Onyi Ononye
    Onyi Ononye

    So this chick Never Graduated yet??

    • No time for creative names just for games
      No time for creative names just for games

      She was a first year

  • YoOtakuLuv24

    So Asuka has long lost older sister? 🤔😁

  • burn toro
    burn toro

    Why rival school charter in SF5?

  • phoebe De Monte Falcon
    phoebe De Monte Falcon

    She reminds me of asuka kazama

  • Augusto Molina
    Augusto Molina

    Asuka Kazama sister?

  • Ricardo Gama Pontes
    Ricardo Gama Pontes

    Bring Kyosuke back, Capcom

  • Darwish Mohd
    Darwish Mohd

    Sister jin kazama

  • Cyberz Reunitez
    Cyberz Reunitez

    Lmao that guy.

  • One X
    One X

    capcom please bring back rival school

  • HD Trinidad
    HD Trinidad

    AERIAL RAVE???????

  • HighLanderPony

    The netcode is still derpy, so idc.


    *Rivals School*

  • Fco2k7

    0:08 Is it the same voice of Kunimitsu from Tekken 7?. I would swear it is the same voice actress...

  • Евгений Горбачёв
    Евгений Горбачёв

    Jun, is that you?

  • Hanpan

    Wow... just... wow

  • O Entusiasta Gamer
    O Entusiasta Gamer

    Kazama? From Kazama Tekken's Family?

  • Paulo Piccoly
    Paulo Piccoly

    RIVAL SCHOOLS (Project Justice) TINHA QUE VOLTAR!😭💔 E eu prefiro ver o Batsu a Akira game num Street Fighter.

  • K Y
    K Y


  • Cobalt Snake
    Cobalt Snake

    Would have liked to see Dean from Final Fight 3 in this...

  • mamboking12

    So this is street fighters Lin Xiao - Yu?

  • LittleMoist

    where her muscles tho

  • GeirenKuzunoha

    best part of the teaser was Dan getting the crap beat out of him

  • Ninjas With iPods
    Ninjas With iPods

    Hope they give us rival schools project again

    • Waldo P Schmeer
      Waldo P Schmeer

      nah- they're just going to keep re-charging everyone for the same game over and over and over again and then charge again for additional skins, then charge again for additional colors, then charge again for XYZ and so forth. Game design has become so lazy and greedy.

  • Wilfrid Patrice
    Wilfrid Patrice

    Rival school in the building !!!!!!!

  • Yasar Kavlak
    Yasar Kavlak

    Here is a better lucia for you 😂

  • Gamer sin credito
    Gamer sin credito

    Mi favorita de rival schools

  • Matthias

    Unfortunately the times where japanese developers tried to be experimental died pretty much with the ps2 era (some would say ps1), with few exceptions. Now they become more and more risk-averse because the development cost exploded and companies are under the pressure to beat their previous results. It is enhanced by the relative drop in sales in the Japanese market and internal culture wars within Sony between their Japanese and american/European branch. You can see that by the closure and release schedule of the Japanese Sony studios. So now it's safe sequel after safe sequel, just like in Hollywood film production and game development in the west.

    • No time for creative names just for games
      No time for creative names just for games

      SF isn’t made by Sony so.... Why are you commenting this here?

  • PharaohsKingdom


  • Gary K Washington
    Gary K Washington

    This was actually really unexpected to see Akira or Daigo! But like can we please get a new rival schools game?

  • BreezyXI Cayler
    BreezyXI Cayler

    Next Batsu from Rival School Pls 😬

  • Alex Cortes
    Alex Cortes

    So officially Rival School disappear and became totally part of Street Fighter's Canon xDDD

    • No time for creative names just for games
      No time for creative names just for games

      They already had Sakura and Dan’s-alleged cousin in the game so it makes sense

  • Hagakure

    0:41 Marvel vs Capcom

  • gentamustaine

    I'll say... tekken7 and SF5 are getting out of hand with character inclusion....

  • James McManus
    James McManus


  • marcin crux
    marcin crux

    00:58 Esperaba la reverencia de *Akira* por la asistencia ((😅))

  • Best of Maxx gaming #pokefam
    Best of Maxx gaming #pokefam

    Oh girl from Rival School my favorite classic

  • EliDt

    This is a character from Rival Schools.

  • Alexandre Neri
    Alexandre Neri

    Akira Kazama: Exists. Fans: Capcom, bring us Rival Schools back!! Capcom: 何?!プロジェクトジャスティスを忘れたのに... 🤷

  • Amon707

    Why did they not just put street fighter EX character's in this instead of making Fighting Ex Layer a separate game?

  • Carlos Portela
    Carlos Portela

    More generic impossible

  • It's That Guy Wes
    It's That Guy Wes

    just bring back rival schools and darkstalkers already, capcom...

  • Hudson Dejotas Gamer
    Hudson Dejotas Gamer

    Rival School precisamos

  • Lexus Low
    Lexus Low

    0 hype

  • Avatar Yoruichi
    Avatar Yoruichi

    My girl said NIIIISAAAAN lol

  • Ry Panganiban
    Ry Panganiban

    Wish they remake rival schools😊😊

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine

    Is she from teken

    • No time for creative names just for games
      No time for creative names just for games

      Rivals schools another 3D fighter

    • mathias castillo
      mathias castillo


  • David

    What avenger is she?

    • mathias castillo
      mathias castillo


  • camo jorel
    camo jorel

    Asuka Kazama from Tekken?

  • Kerunou

    New Rival Schools entry please thnx

  • Alberto Saldivar
    Alberto Saldivar

    Hope batsu, kyosuke & hinata make a comeback, nice to see rival schools characters.

  • Gladski Corleone
    Gladski Corleone

    Rival School!!!💕💕💕