Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground - Official Release Date Reveal Trailer
Watch the latest trailer for the upcoming turn-based strategy game for a glimpse of one of three customizable armies--the eternal Stormcasts, the ghoulish Nighthaunt, and the rotting Maggotkin--you must lead to victory through roguelike single-player campaigns or defeating other players in online PvP.

Conquer the Mortal Realms when Warhammer: Age of Sigmar launches on May 27, 2021, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
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  • Zoidbergstein

    Is this a mobile game? Sure looks like it, and judging by the "grow your collection" thing sure acta like it.

  • Ananda

    I've never liked Age of Sigmar. I've a feeling I'll like this microtransaction bait even less.

  • Aidan Jennings
    Aidan Jennings

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  • DRsideburns

    Age of shitmar no thanks

  • Marek Franciszek Raczyński
    Marek Franciszek Raczyński

    Looks awesome! :D I can't wait for some cool AoS game like that :]

  • Miles Greenaway
    Miles Greenaway

    Wow, this is useless! No thank you GW, I’ll just wait till darktide and the necromunda FPS come out

  • valko96

    got excited for a total war game and now my day is ruined

  • Andrew Oh
    Andrew Oh

    Oh look... another turned-based strategy game for Warhammer.

  • Trung Duong
    Trung Duong

    Age of Shitmat ruined the whole Warhammer Fantasy. Change my mind

  • marclrcq

    By the emperor’s will thy be purged!

  • Master Tablet
    Master Tablet

    Nooooo cards...nooooo

  • Akonex

    Yooo Finally a round based strategy game in the warhammer universe, never seen that befor.

    • Realkorti

      just wait until you see the MTX :)

  • Dragoș Iulian Dugan
    Dragoș Iulian Dugan

    Turn based, ew

  • Ryukaze

    Duh. instead of going with the RPG / RTS route, they keep going to these shitty money grabbing scheme of card game microtransaction business

  • Bane

    Age of sigmar ewwwwwwww get it away from me

  • Нератин Цека
    Нератин Цека

    Вы кого пытаетесь обмануть ? Это игра на мобилки

  • Heavy 11
    Heavy 11

    oh yeah games workshit

  • Mervin Flandera
    Mervin Flandera

    Was really excited for this...I miss games like Mark of Chaos or The Dark omen...it's a shame that this is just another collectible card game, undoubtably with microtransactions and half a dozen special editions

  • zilia hui
    zilia hui

    DnD style but in Warhammer 40k ???

  • Depressio n
    Depressio n

    Hero? Which one?

  • Rich

    Looks like a crappy mobile game tbh

  • grimchef

    Micro transaction shite incoming.

  • Niels De Moor
    Niels De Moor

    Noooooo not AoS. Give us some Warhammer fantasy

  • Blu Gill
    Blu Gill

    so something like m&m style combat?

  • golong13

    You can smell the microtransactions from the video alone.

  • Ck Wong
    Ck Wong

    Nooooooo...... This is not warhammer. You spell your doom like how diablo did to diablo3.

  • Tadicuslegion78

    I'm gonna stick with Total War Warhammer

  • svxnger

    Y I K E S

  • al ek
    al ek

    No please no AOS it is HERESY

  • Batuhan Acıçelik
    Batuhan Acıçelik

    Is it leauge of legends bro ?

  • Kargath Bladefist (WoD)
    Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

    Turn based? Eh.....

  • archavenx

    if this is non micro-transaction then fine.

  • Nomad Son
    Nomad Son

    Warhammer! The Nicolas Cage of the gaming industry, accepts anything even if it's S*%t.

  • Huân Quốc Mạnh
    Huân Quốc Mạnh

    Oh look sugmarines

  • Ганс Пайпер
    Ганс Пайпер

    Warhammer becoming more and more childish and glamour instead of grimdark. Sad.

  • Andreas Ghazal
    Andreas Ghazal

    Looks like a mobile game to me

  • Ahoosi Foou
    Ahoosi Foou

    Turnbased games uugghh boring.

  • Orrus Fellin
    Orrus Fellin

    Shut up, you are not my real Warhammer!

  • Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van Day

    Age of Shitmar

  • Jarox

    Mobile Game

  • Chris Nichols
    Chris Nichols

    Give us an open world RPG Warhammer game. This is utter garbage and everyone knows it.

  • Tubli Poiss
    Tubli Poiss

    The first age of sigmar game, and such a stinky trailer.

  • Vladimir Palik
    Vladimir Palik

    Oh, wow, that is dissappointing.

  • R Thaosen
    R Thaosen

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

  • Rob L
    Rob L

    What is with GW's obsession with turnbased games? These games just feel like a cash grab.

  • Drabo7

    hope they make more rts warhammer games any time

  • captloki13

    Warhammer: Heroes of Might and Magic

  • Cptbravo2211

    War Raid Shadow legends of sigmar.

  • AJesg

    Bring back Warhammer Fantasy! AoS is junk compared to it.

  • Nguyen ha chau
    Nguyen ha chau

    Open this card pack to receive sigmar blessing

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young

    How does war hammer pump out so many games. And somehow 95% of them are garbage lol

  • Corusame Occasum
    Corusame Occasum

    Grow your collection 💰💰💰

  • DarthCaries

    Give us ACTION, not turn-base strategy!

  • Voidsent Oni
    Voidsent Oni


  • Hi I am a Bear
    Hi I am a Bear

    Raid Shadow Hammer

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi

    This is heresy

  • Javier Lorenzana
    Javier Lorenzana

    You guys know Total War exists, right? What are you even doing?

  • Thyralon

    AoS bad. Turnbased semi-action Game bad. Seems like CA and Total War Warhammer will still the only warhammer fantasy game that's worth noticing.

  • Rain

    Just what is up with warhammer being a magnet to greedy developers/company looking for quick money?

  • wrathchild

    *WH Game Trailer* "Oooh what's this" *Seemingly turnbased combat* "Interesting!" *Dynamic campaigns* "Yes! More!" *Grow your collection* "Eh..." *Defeat your rivals online* "You know, never mind"

    • Prushin the Spirit
      Prushin the Spirit

      Card game aspects are the only thing that looks off for now

  • Desgil Danphi
    Desgil Danphi

    Can someone mod it to become 40k

  • Wrulol

    So it's a shitty mobile game. Got it.

  • Osman Yildirim
    Osman Yildirim

    Looks like a fkn mobile game

  • Paweł Bednarczyk
    Paweł Bednarczyk

    looks ok...but another mtx factory.

  • ZZZ2573

    Age of Sigmar is here! And nobody cares!

  • mistrz swat
    mistrz swat

    "The cards only represent units in the game menu. This isn't a card game. And no micro transaction, if you're wondering" Please, pin this! It's very important that people see this information and there is no misunderstanding.

    • Rafael Frade
      Rafael Frade

      From where did you got that info?

  • Łukasz Zgódka
    Łukasz Zgódka

    Soooo... Age of Wonders in world of Warhammer... Could be fun...

  • ravenous 03
    ravenous 03


  • TheDopingman

    Yet another cookie cutter turn based strategy. Gonna be a pass from me

  • LtScarecrow87

    Sanguinor? Is that you?

  • Michael Trost
    Michael Trost

    next episode of a wasted licence ...warhammer really need some epic game instead of this lazy card style

  • Андрей Павлов
    Андрей Павлов

    It will be dead in a week after release

  • Åsmund Tveitane
    Åsmund Tveitane

    Not for me

  • MNK 90
    MNK 90

    This video is sponsored by RAID: Mortal Realms!

  • Matt Levens
    Matt Levens

    Why can't we get decent games, every Warhammer game release (apart form darktide and total war Warhammer 3) is just a disappointment. All these games seem like trashy mobile games that no one asked for. These developers really have to start asking what the fans want

  • Niklas Rom Bekker
    Niklas Rom Bekker

    Never ever has a game stunk more of loot boxes and micro transactions

  • HighLanderPony

    Looks sus... Nope.

  • RazeHann

    A fitting game for the Age Of Shitmar

  • LoudAngryJerk

    Ah! So it's a mobile game... ...that... ... Isn't... ...Coming out on mobile consoles. Cool/s

  • Oscar Louchart
    Oscar Louchart

    Can we please get something that isn't a turn based RPG maybe a for hounor style fighting game idk

  • GordosaurusRex

    Whyyyyy do Games Workshop never make third person action games any more... If we wanted turn more isometric/turn based games we would go for the actual tabletop game - give us more 40K Space Marine!! Imagine Space Marine but you are a Stormcast Eternal!! 😱 more isometric/turn based/Mobile style games from them need to get in the bin for now...


    Card play and hex combat? No thanks.

  • Feng Shen Ji Ah Gou
    Feng Shen Ji Ah Gou

    Expect microtransanctions and p2w stuff at its finest.

  • Oakabiel B
    Oakabiel B

    10000000% this has an awful monetisation model. Its a pass from me.

  • Lord Adorable
    Lord Adorable

    For petes sake, just give us a dungeon crawler or something.

    • Smattymatty

      40k inquisitor martyr

    • Tomáš Benko
      Tomáš Benko


  • BurningSovereign

    I'm so sick of getting burned by warhammer games and it doesn't help that this looks like it was meant for mobile. Put this in the bin!

  • Anthony Shanaman
    Anthony Shanaman

    Another shitty strategy game

  • Flynn Smith
    Flynn Smith

    They really don’t want people to like AOS do they?

    • Said Gazikov
      Said Gazikov

      Tbf they chose some of THE most boring factions in this game. They could have had seraphon, or idoneth deepkin, or kharadron, or all the other cooler order factions but nope stormcast

    • Victor Silva
      Victor Silva

      Which would be the proper way to make people like Age of Sigmar?

  • Mr Breakmind
    Mr Breakmind

    You lost me at Age of Sigmar.


    It comes out in less than 2 months and no gameplay footage

  • F CON
    F CON

    Compared to all the other things coming out based on the Warhammer franchise, this looks like HOOOOOOOOOT garbage.

  • weehaagamingbaby 3299
    weehaagamingbaby 3299

    It will always be better on table top

  • Zerocharade

    Looks like a phone game

  • Peace Frog
    Peace Frog

    Just a reminder that this is based off of a game where adults soaked in body odor roll dice and move little plastic men with a tape measure while making pew pew noises.

  • Sir Mulligan
    Sir Mulligan

    looks like a phone game

  • russian d
    russian d

    Moble game

  • Бекіш Санжар
    Бекіш Санжар

    Again?Another turn-based game? Do Games Workshop know about existence of diffrent genres?

  • LotusPetalsAndBarbs

    Did anyone else notice them slapping Khornite skins onto Nurgle units? Like, uh, what? "Oh yes, these are my Bloodletters of Tzeentch"

    • Charles Guillco Trinidad
      Charles Guillco Trinidad

      @The Inquisition’s Parrot Malal doesn't exist

    • Knight of Solice
      Knight of Solice

      That doesn't appear to be a Khornite skin, just red armor.

    • Insurance Fraud
      Insurance Fraud

      There wasn't any khornite skins in the trailer

    • The Inquisition’s Parrot
      The Inquisition’s Parrot

      It all as Malal planned

  • Hawken Valhalla
    Hawken Valhalla

    9 out of 10 Warhammer games are turn based. Please stop.

    • Hawken Valhalla
      Hawken Valhalla

      @LotusPetalsAndBarbs Exactly why we don't need a billion turn based video games.

    • LotusPetalsAndBarbs

      The Tabletop was turn-based.

  • The Sober King
    The Sober King

    I'm new to warhammer and 40k but (thanks to luetin09) but why won't they make a warhammer game similar to SW Battlefront

    • Francis York Morgan
      Francis York Morgan

      that would take way more effort they would have to go to a much bigger studios for that. GW main goal here is not a fun game. They want to milk as much easy cash from the fans as possible.